E Man

by Zayd Al-Amin


Name: E Man

Height: 6 feet

Skin color: light brown

Born in: Philly

Parents: He killed them by accident with his superpowers

Extra Notes: He loves no one, and helps people so they won’t suffer like him


E Man was born in Philly. He killed his parents by accident when he was a baby. It happened because his emotions have an effect on the outside world. When he gets emotional, the ground can shake, and things can light on fire. He accidently lit his house on fire when he was crying as a baby. His parents died in the fire. During school, other kids made fun of him. He didn’t want to love anyone or care about anyone because he was afraid that he would hurt them on accident. One day, things got so bad for him that God sent down an angel to make his powers controllable. Now, he is a superhero who helps people to keep them from suffering the way that he did. He can also fly and he is immortal and can talk to animals.