The Golden Arm by Zafir Stewart

Once there was a married couple named Bob and Mary. They were a happy married couple that lived more than a mile from town. So one hot summer day Bob was working in the garden when Mary was cutting a watermelon in the kitchen. Bob called out to Mary, “You alright?”

“Yes,” she said back.A couple minutes later he heard a blood-curdling scream, “Ahhh!”Bob ran to Mary to see her arm cut off and blood squirting everywhere.

“I’ll be right back!” He yelled. He ran to the bathroom to get a towel to wrap her arm. He wrapped her arm but by the time he got back the floor was puddled with blood. He carried her to his pickup truck and drove to the hospital to the emergency room. Bob waited 5 long hours nervously when the doctor came out the surgery room. He was expecting the worst. The doctor said, “She’s going to be alright. We replaced her arm with a golden arm. Any longer and she would have died of traumatic blood loss.” She was in the intensive care unit for a couple weeks and became sick again. He went to the doctors but they said she would get better with some antibiotics. A couple months later, Mary died. Bob carried her into the garden along with her golden arm. He got married again to another woman named Jill only a year later.

She was only with him for the money. Bob went out on a business trip and she was bored and couldn’t find out the combination to get to the money in the safe. She remembered the story of Mary’s golden arm, so she dug up her grave. She saw Mary’s bones and worms and ants. She then saw the golden arm. She had a hard time snatching the arm from the ground. It was like Mary was pulling it so Jill couldn’t get it.

She eventually got it and hid it. Bob came home and was tired so they both went to bed. Jill heard someone walking in the hallway. She got up and opened the door and saw Mary. She had a pale face and Jill could see through her. She fell down and screamed three times, “Give me back my golden arm.”  Bob was sound asleep, so she woke him up by screaming.

Bob was possessed by Mary and took the golden arm to put it back in the grave. Jill ran and started the truck and drove away but ran out of gas. She was stuck in the middle of nowhere. To be continued…