Defining Moments by Tajrian Anwar

Bangladesh is so different that it is like another version of life.

When I got their it was so different than I was used to at school because I had about 20 cousins 2 to 3 nieces so many uncles and aunts my dad’s side owns a house big as a mansion no exaggeration we showered in a huge pond with my male cousins 1 had 2 to 3 cousins in college most of my cousins know how to swim and all my uncles.

My dad owns acres of land no exaggeration he has a huge garden farm that actually no lies is longer than a sky scrapper and a half no exaggeration plus we had a roof where we could get up on even if we’re outside on a steel set of stairs connected to the mansion.

    Recently my grandmother died she was supposed to come here. Plus there are cool weapons. It changed my perspective on the world and other counties rule.