Rosalie Maria Gonelez by Haby Sow

Rosalie Maria Gonelez was born on May 6, 1998. For her baby shower her mom Beyoncé threw her a big bash/party. All the Hollywood A-listers came, like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez. My cousins and sister came, too. At the party Beyoncé announced that Rihanna was the godmother of Rosie (Rosalia). As Rosie grew older, Rosie’s sister Julie took care of her because Beyoncé was on tour with Jay Z. Soon one day Drake knocks on the door and asks to see Rihanna and I said, “Sorry got the wrong house,” and he says “I am here to see my daughter, Rosalie Maria Gonelez,” so I say “Oh,” and I let him in. Rihanna comes in the house with Chris Brown, and Drake and Chris Brown start fighting and so my sister carries me to my housemaids and my butler comes out with sundaes. And I throw the sundaes at his bald head and he starts screaming and jumps out the window and the police come and arrest Chris Brown. And then Beyoncé comes with Jay Z and they all start fighting and the police come and they all get arrested. So my sister takes care of me forever but we still rich because we got maids, a butler, and a poodle.