Sweet and Sour: My Dream Vacation by Saniya Monroe

My dream vacation is to go to a sweet place called Candy Land. Candy Land is a place where all things deal with candy and sweet treats.

There are walking candy canes, and tree stalks of cotton candy. There is a chocolate river and every hour it rains a variety of soda and juice.  When I saw my mansion made of peppermints and gingerbread, it was amazing. The clouds were made up of whipped cream and would drip every once in a while. The grass was mini-twizzlers sticking out of the ground.

Then as I was looking around I met some Candy Candians, which are the nice gingerbread men and women of Candy Land. Some Candy Candians were made up of other candies too. Some were made from peppermints and brownies. Some look like regular people too, just with bubblegum hair. I met a bubblegum haired family: Jelly Jerry(dad), Lolly Lucy(mom), Choa Choa Cristie(daughter), and Pepper Peter(son). They are the Candians. They were very nice.

    We had a wonderful weekend. We went to drink chocolate from the chocolate river. We also went to Candy Park and we did other activities. The next day it was time to leave and we were sad. Every one had their heads down with sad clown frowns. Right before they got in the car a ginger bread man grabbed the father’s leg. Come to find out they only eat male humans.