The Mood Showing Case by Stephanie Smith

What I would really like in the world is a mood case. A mood case is just like a mood necklace or ring but instead it is one for your phone. Also my company would sell phone cases that can come in the different types of cases. The colors for the moods would be these seven colors:

  •      Green: balance, love
  •      Yellow: happy
  •      Orange: emotional expression, pleasure
  •      Red: passion
  •      Violet: intuitive
  •      Blue: calm
  •      Black: tense, nervous

People should buy this because most times people can’t tell their emotions or how they feel so with the mood case it would be easy. Also, on the case it would show the colors and the moods plus there would be a chart to let other people know without looking at the phone. Plus with the chart if someone owns a case and doesn’t want to talk, you can look at the chart to see how they are feeling. Buying this product would be helpful in so many fun and fantastic ways, which is the reason you should buy it!