The Plane by Jonah Barnes

A defining moment for me was when I first got on an airplane.
My whole life, well as far as I can remember, I was scared of heights. Especially airplanes.
One day when I was 7, my mom was planning for us to go to Miami for a weekend. I was so happy and thought nothing of it. But…and hour after she got off the phone she said we had to get passports. Me, thinking nothing of it, walked away. Later, it dawned on me to ask what a passport was. When I asked she told me that even though we’re not going out of the country it’s so that when we do, it allows you to cross over and you can go on many plane trips with it.
When she said the word plane, my heart jumped out of my chest. Then I just remembered, we weren’t going out of the state, right?!?!
Two days later, were all packed up and ready. When we got in the car…we drove to South Philly where the airplane station is. Then we stop…I got so scared and asked why we were there—because we’re catching a plane to Miami. I started to cry! That was because I was so scared and I thought we were gonna drive there, but nope. A plane. When we got our plane tickets we waited in the plane station for about 2 hours.
While we waited I thought about going home, or sneaking back to the car and staying there for the weekend. It was finally time to catch the plane and when we did I enjoyed the ride. I’m still afraid of height though!