Group ~Spooky~ Story

This is a story we wrote collaboratively in our ~spooky~ session on Friday, October 30th.


It was a dark and dreary night
And all of the coaches were stuck in the Kelly Writers House
And the power had gone out
There is no way to escape the inside of your mind
There was only one piece of candy and everyone was hungry
There was a hard wind blowing and all the windows opened up
The creepy monster crawled out of the tub to the downstairs
Then the lights were turned on and there was a knock on the door
But there was also a rumor about this old butler who used to live here
He was murdered
And then they heard a little girl’s voice
She said “I’m gonna get you”
Then, we heard two knives coming together and a chainsaw
There were footsteps coming from the kitchen where the butler used to work
Then there was a voice saying “1, 2, I’m coming for you”
Then two of the coaches, Adam and Leo went missing
There was blood coming from the walls
Then one by one, more coaches went missing
Each time every coach went missing, the lights would flicker
Then there were more footsteps coming from the basement
In the bathroom mirror it said “you’re next”
The remaining coaches looked for the missing ones
When they checked in the closet, all the students were zombies
The little girl reappeared, the coaches ran after her and were led to the basement
Suddenly, they see shoes filled with blood
The little girl had a doll that looked like Annabelle
The coaches went to the basement, and there was a mirror and in the mirror was Bloody Mary
Then there was a BIG BANG on the door also the chair was rocking
And then when they went to open the door they saw the butler holding a giant container (full of heads)
There were running footsteps coming towards Coach Alex
And then Coach Alex screamed and the lights went off
The monster that crept out of the tub went downstairs to KILL Coach Alex
But he grabbed the butcher knife and cut the monster’s head off
Then cookie came out and beat all the zombies
The zombies got beat to zombie death
Books started flying off the shelves breaking every window
The empty bookshelf revealed the missing coaches
The zombies came back to life/death and came after the coaches
One coach went a different way and saw a shape shifter and realized that they were shape shifters and then she was like what the and somebody said happy halloween!
The little demon girl came out and slaughtered all the coaches
When the cops came it looked like one coach killed the rest of them
He went to a mental asylum
And it was all a prank