Deep in the Basement by Mahamadou Drame

I was in the car with my family and feeing gloomy because of missing my friends. We were moving into an abandoned house on an abandoned street. As soon as we arrived at the house, we heard a bang on the basement door. So I asked my dad to go check on the basement but he was too scared, so I had to go check myself. When I arrived at the door, the door started to open spookily. As I started to go in, I saw something. It started screaming and I started screaming! Then suddenly the creature started coming and I saw all eight of its eyes glowing, shining red. Out of fright I ran upstairs, and told my parents, but nobody believed me. A week later it was Halloween. Grandma was going down to the basement to get Halloween candy and soda from the mini fridge. When she went downstairs, she saw the family cat, Fluff Ball, wiggling in a giant web in the corner. She saw the cat for a split second. Then, a creature came out of the darkness and squeezed her to death.

Our family noticed Grandma had been missing for a couple of hours, so we called the police. The police came and went downstairs and they were also devoured by the creature.

Then, I went downstairs all by myself. The only weapons I had were some bug repellant and a lighter I found on the side of the stairs. The spider appeared out of nowhere and started talking in a deep voice. “The only reason I was killing people was because I wanted this house for my family.”

Then I sprayed the spider with bug repellant and finished him off with the lighter. And the spider was no more.

The next morning when I awoke, there were six baby spiders sitting at the foot of my bed. They hissed “Good morning!” I screamed.