Story by Briana

Every 10,000 years, a door will spawn in an abandoned house in a forest. Some people find it but once it reaches dawn, it disappears. Only people that believe really hard can find it. The harder they believe, the longer the door stays.

The door takes you to a different world, a cartoon world. Once you enter the door, there will be tons of labelled doors. If you say a name out loud, all the doors except that one will disappear.

There was two siblings, a brother and a sister, both went different ways. The sister went to a Monster High world, and the brother went to the Sonic World. The brother’s name was Tyler and the sister Susan.

Once Tyler stepped through the Sonic door, he started to feel a little tingly. As soon as he stepped all the way through the door, he started to turn into a hedgehog with red and black fur, Sonic-like quills, and no shoes. Tyler was now Dark. Tyler went on with his hedgehog life and never worried about Susan.

Susan, on the other hand, worried about Tyler. Susan never wanted to be separated, but Tyler was older and ready to go off on his own. When Susan went through the Monster High door, she became a werewolf, Claudine. Her fur was brown with a hot pink fur coat with white fur too.

Susan worried about Tyler so much, she left Monster High world and went to Sonic World. She didn’t have a character in Sonic World yet, so she became Amy, who had pink fur with bangs and a headband and quills pointing down.

When Susan found Tyler, she ran up to him and gave him a big hug, Tyler already knew that Amy was Susan, and SUssan knew that Dark was Tyler because he’d told her his hedgehog name while still in the real world.

Tyler asked Susan what she was doing there. Susan said that she had felt alone and wanted to go back to the real world. But Tyler didn’t want to go to the real world because it was really, really complicated. Susan wanted to go back with her brother, but Tyler didn’t want to.

She went back home and never went back to the door again.

A few years later, Tyler felt homesick. But he couldn’t find the door home! Tyler started to panic. He panicked for a really long time. Then, the door came back! He ran out the door and never came back again.

The End!