I’m A Ghost by Tyjah

I’m a ghost. Place is Mohumedu house. Sound is boom, pow, ah oh, stop. Characters are Tyjah, the Ghost. Monae, Tyjah’s helper. Mykirah, Mohumedu’s mom. Alex, the crazy woman and Mohumedu’s sister.
The story ~ so one day I was thinking about sneakers because I love sneakers and like to eat them. Also, I love to kill people with sneakers. I was thinking about Mohumedu because he loves sneakers and he always wears name-brand sneakers. So, I went to his house at nighttime, and I was wearing all black with me and my partner Monae.
And that’s when I started making creepy sounds like “oooh, I’m coming for your sneakers!”
He woke up a little bit but went back to sleep because he didn’t see anything. That’s when we saw Jordan’s, Puma’s, Nikes and all the other sneakers we like. So that’s when I threw one of his sneakers at him. He was so scared he screamed so hard that his sister woke up all the way in the attic. His mom came in and this is what she said:
“Mohumedu you better be quiet before the ghost takes all of your sneakers.”
But she always used to give him that scary joke, so he went back to sleep. I made a creepy sound that me and Monae loved to do when we kill people. He jumped out of bed and ran to his little sister Alex’s room. But, we kept on following him. We hunted him until he stopped bragging about his sneakers and Meek Mills and so he finally did.
That’s when his best friend the good Tyjah came the next day. But she has seen ghosts and so she knew what I did and what I do, so she killed me. Mona got away and I never got to take his shoes, but I will next time because I’m coming back from the dead. And Mohumedu is still alive.