October by Alexis Byrd

I heard a creak from the closet door at exactly 3:00am.. This was not the first time this happened. It has happened since the 1st of October, but every time I wake up to the sound, the door is slightly opened even more. Well, tonight is October 30th, 2015. Tonight the door creaked all the way open and something came out!!! It was a weirdly shaped body coming out making a weird sound. The sound was like a swarm of bees!! He came closer. I had under my blanket scared to come out. The next day at 3:00am the door didn’t creak open, so I thought I was safe. Next minute, I heard breathing next to me. When I looked over… the body was in my bed. I screamed loudly. The next day I was dead, living in the closet with the body, waiting for the next victim!!

The End