Sophy’s Rules for a Perfect Utopia by Sophy Phen

No criminals.

Using robots wisely, and only at a certain time.

Curfew at 12:00am.

Everyone’s vote is equal.

Every talks for themselves.

Everyone pays the house equally.

Some people should sign up for the military.

Try their hardest to stay neutral or uninvolved.

Everyone have a medium-paying job.

Education is free, but sign up.

Programs are over at 5pm.

Ues your time wisely to play outside.

If your parents work over 12:00am, then curfew doesn’t matter, as long as

they get home.

No work on weekends.

All fun activities are on weekends.

On weekends, no curfew.

Every race and religion is welcomed.

For any special holiday you can do whatever, but not bad things.

Everyone gets an iPhone or laptop.

Everyone gets two days a week of grocery.

Everything is half price.

Don’t waste paper.

Always reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Keep the environment clean.

There would be 3 times a week to clean up. A person would do that for

you. Instead of you.

There can be a famous people meet and greet (free) (weekend).

VIP passes are $25 off.

On weekends everything is on sale.

There will be lots of malls every corner of the street.