Spooky Story by Myleah Herbert

Late in the night a spooky fog covered the night sky. In the old spooky mansion a demon roamed. Inside the house is a creepy clock that rings every hour. The clock rings so loud that school children screamed at the noise. But one day Coach Anna and Coach Alex had this ridiculous idea of taking us to this haunted house (of course they wanted to go at night!!). As we all walked in, Coach Anna tripped on an old creepy floorboard and she fell in. Coach Alex decided t see what was under the floorboard. But as he opened the floorboard we all suddenly fell into a pool of blood. But whose blood is it? As I rolled over I felt a body laying next to me and I shrieked! It was a girl with old school clothes on her (and I mean old!). As we called out for the coaches, none were found. Then I heard loud footsteps coming from the stairs behind me, and I ran downstairs as fast as I could, trying to escape, but I tripped and fell and heard a creaking noise above me and suddenly Coach Anna fell out of the ceiling holding a doll looking like Annabelle. Then you can hear screaming coming from the hall and a radio clicking on to play a creepy song. Then a person came from behind me holding a chainsaw and I ran into the kitchen and locked myself in the cabinet, hoping he wouldn’t find me.