Untitled by Barbie Steven

Once upon a time, there was an old lady that was 215 years old. She lived in a haunted mansion and one day this group of homeless folks came upon her property and banged on her door, so she flew down the steps. Her 5295 year old maid answered the door and they asked to move in and buy the house off of her but the old lady said she can’t because her history is bad, so they complained and started to protest so she said “I’ve warned you” because they gave her only a penny for the mansion. Then they took a nap and the old lady had purposely forgot to give them their keys and she sneaked in to scare them out so she could get her house back because she knew how to scare people out. Next, she put poisonous spiders on their faces and they woke up three hours later and screammmmmmmed “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Last, they got scared, they peed their pants and when the spiders went away, she was up to no good again. She had sneaked into the basement and built a robot to scare them out forever so then she programmed the robot and it started to chase the homeless people with knives and they wanted to call the cops but they were broke so they yelled, “Help!” and the robot killed them. The old lady threw the bodies in the dump and her maid cleaned up the mess and the old lady got away with her scam. Last, she laughed so hard her heart fell out. She was too quiet to be saved and her maid was slow and she didn’t find out until a week later. The witch/old lady remains dead and the maid was left with the house, unprotected . . .

The End