If I Were My Sister

by Stephen Smith   One day I woke up as my sister. First thing I knew I had to change everything about me. Change my look, my attitude, and make new friends. The next thing I had to figure out my sister’s password to her phone. I’ve had actually figured it out and I was…correct. … More If I Were My Sister

My Utopia

by Kariana Prentice   My utopia is a place where people are kind and good, but they are not perfect. The people here have their ups and downs, and they have their problems. People are healthy and are fit, but not all of them stay in shape. Some like to eat McDonalds, Burger King, and … More My Utopia


by Antonio Werts   One day there was a boy, and his name was Royce.  He ate a vitamin and began to shrink. Everyday he would get a little smaller but before he was really big. It took him a while to realize this, but every morning we would appear shorter and shorter in the … More Royce


by Hadja Diallo   In Rhythmnation, everybody dances, old people, little kids, babies in the stomach, a sick person, blind, dead people… It’s all about dancing and having fun in Rhythmnation. For example, when you are in the bathroom, you dance, you dance while sleeping, you get your hair done by dancing, you eat by … More Rythmnation


by Nicholas Dudley   The water, The sky, blueberries, A 100 foot well.

E Man

by Zayd Al-Amin   Name: E Man Height: 6 feet Skin color: light brown Born in: Philly Parents: He killed them by accident with his superpowers Extra Notes: He loves no one, and helps people so they won’t suffer like him   E Man was born in Philly. He killed his parents by accident when … More E Man