Dream Trip by Yaye Bah

Pre-Paid Buffet: Chinese food Asian food NO SUSHI Make your own milkshake Special water fountain   I open a hotel in the Eiffel Tower Le Hotel De Fatimatou Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj announce opening. Free passes for Elevator Free ticket to the lover Stain glass windows Nicki Minaj vice president Nicki Minaj performs pinkprint album … More Dream Trip by Yaye Bah

Bipolaris: The Dragon Snake Lion Unicorn by Tajrian Anwar

One day there were the great monster defenders of Zeus, Aphrodite, Ares, Poseidon, Zeus dragon, unicorn, Ares-lion, Poseidon-snake. Hades came out of hell and brought medusa. He brought a bifrost and a charamander from the depths of Hades. He had a weapon forged by the Titans. Since they were in hades it was a weapon … More Bipolaris: The Dragon Snake Lion Unicorn by Tajrian Anwar

Bullying by Sopherina

Bullying is bad, harsh and terrible for people all over the world. People should not even bully at all anyway. Bullying can cause violence. Violence goes hand in hand with bullying because if you bully you need a little violence. Bullying is the worst thing that people can bring up and they cause a lot … More Bullying by Sopherina