Utopia by Aleksandra

It was December 4th and Sabrina was in the middle of the mall. She noticed that her crush was there at the Apple store. Her friends Chanel and Ariana went together to go get some food. After that a person was short on some money, so Chanel went over there to help. Normal thing to … More Utopia by Aleksandra

Waiting by Jonah Barun

I sit by the window, Watching the street lights Flicker in the winter chill. 3 AM and I think, I start To think of you instantly. Vivid colors appear in my head But almost suddenly dark shadows Override my rainbows. I almost Shed a tear, but those happy moments Stop wetness from shedding down My … More Waiting by Jonah Barun

Fall by Myleah Herbert

My red boots ache to feel the crunch of the beautiful read leaves. My soul aches to be in the Sparkling orange sky, making me feel at ease, all my stress melting away. No more homework, No more stressing over that over- due project that you know is worth like 25% of your grade, Just … More Fall by Myleah Herbert

Poem by Barbie Stevens

Are you falling for the sky Because we are never getting back together All eyes on the prize When the old woman cries, She appears in the sky. And why are you staring Somebody said Juicy fruit mama looks like a cat, Bring that back, You ain’t nothing but A crazy old bat!

Hope by Alyiah Byrd

Does a flower remind you of hope If it doesn’t I wouldn’t sit around and mope I would dream of a day when there is hope If you agree come dream with me.

Change by Alyiah Byrd

I am just a girl who wants change Is wanting change strange But is wanting change weird for my age People say change is as walking in a lion cage But who am I to want change