Meet the Coaches

While Write On! is for the students, our coaches love coming just as much. Our coaches share a special bond–whether we’re going to BYO’s or hanging out with baked goods and bartenders–and we love writing even more when surrounded by friends. Get to know us here!


Alina Grabowski


Alina is pursuing a major in English. Her favorite Write On! moment was the Halloween session when we listened to Monster Mash and wrote scary stories. Alina has been involved in Write On! for four years.


Amelia Goodman


Amelia is pursuing a dual major in Gender Studies and Computer Science.  Her favorite Write On! memory is when she would help a student get over writer’s block by “dancing it out”–which meant doing silly dance moves for a minute and then going back to writing. Amelia has been involved with Write On! for three years.


Leopold Spohngellert


Leopold is pursuing a major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a concentration in Public Policy. His favorite Write On! moment was helping a student write an entire comic book in which the student hit a home-run that diverted a comet’s path and saved the world. Leopold has been involved with Write On! for two years.


Rebecca Brown

Head Coach

Rebecca is pursuing a dual major in Sociology and Communications. Her favorite Write On! memory was the session when her students wrote and then performed raps (with dances!!). Becca explains, “Their dancing is bomb. They are naturals.” Becca has been involved with Write On! for three years.



Benjamin Facey

Head Coach

Benjamin  is a sophomore pursuing a major in English. He loves watching infomercials and debating politics with the elderly. This is his second year coaching Write On! and he is very excited to talk about pop stars and do some creative writing with some old and new faces.


Casey Lynch

Head Coach

Casey is pursuing a major in English.  Her favorite Write On! memory is the session where we took the students to the Institute of Contemporary Art.  Casey has been involved with Write On! for two years.



Eleanor St John Sutton

Head Coach

Eleanor is pursuing a major in English and a minor in Spanish. Her favorite Write On! moment was when she and a student became a crime-fighting duo in a story they wrote together. Eleanor has been involved in Write On! for two years.


Saidah Belo-Osagie


Saidah is a sophomore tentatively studying Economics and Consumer Psych. She is excited to work with kids that will inspire her to be as creative as she was when she was a kid and hopefully she will get to be as cool as them. She is also excited to dance a little if the moment calls for it.



Rachel Brodsky


Rachel is a freshman in the College and is currently undecided regarding her major.  She is interested in studying physics, neurobiology and definitely creative writing.  Rachel is excited to share with the children the joy and comfort she always got from writing as a child and is looking forward to all the incredible memories, laughter and fun to come.  Most of all she is excited to be a part of this incredible Write On! family.



Richelle Burke


Richelle is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences and is majoring in English. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing creatively, and singing opera. This is her first year as a Write On! coach and she is very excited to be working with everyone at Lea.



Andrew Chang


Andrew (New York, NY) is a sophomore studying Political Science with an English minor. He loves working with kids and telling stories, so he’s super excited to be joining the Write On! team this year. Among other commitments on campus, Andrew is a part of Penn Democrats and Delta Tau Delta fraternity. When he’s not working, he can be found watching sports or trying out different restaurants on and off campus.



Stephan Cho


Stephan is a sophomore in the College, and intends to pursue a dual major in Political Science and Cinema Studies. He is excited to engage in creative writing with the students and fellow coaches. He is an avowed fan of conspiracy theories, tasty breads, and Taylor Swift. This is Stephan’s first year with Write On!



Adam Ginsberg


Adam is a sophomore in the College from Brooklyn, NY, studying Political Science and Cinema Studies. In his spare time he loves to play basketball and skateboard. He can be found at the Biopond working on lyrics or a screenplay. This is Adam’s first year with Write On!



Arlo Gordon


Arlo is a sophomore studying English concentrating in Cinema and Media Studies, and minoring in Cognitive Science. She loves helping kids find their creative voice and has a haiku for all writers out there:
Pick up the pen please
No need to erase your words
They’ll change things, write on!


Anna Hess


Anna is sophomore studying International Relations in the College. She is also a Crime and Legal reporter for the Penn undergraduate newspaper The Daily Pennsylvanian. She is very excited to work with more students from Lea since she had an amazing time freshman year working as a Community Schools Student Partnership mentor for kindergartners at Lea.



Edmund Hundley


Edmund is a sophomore in the College, intending to major in Economics. In Edmund’s first year with Write On!, he is excited to help a student discover a passion for creative writing and recognize it as an outlet of expression.


Alex Montag


Alex is a sophomore in the College studying Philosophy and Political Science. He enjoys reading and dabbles with writing lyrics and short fiction. This semester, he is writing for a comedy show produced on campus called What the Fox!, a political satire.



Daniel Nathan


Daniel is a sophomore pursuing a major in International Relations with a concentration on China, as well as a minor in Creative Writing.  He loves Harry Potter and rocking out to TSwift, and can’t wait to make plenty of memories this year, his first with Write On!



Claire Schmidt


Claire is interested in English and Classical Studies, but refuses to make a decision until the last minute. She is excited to get to know her fellow coaches and new students. She’s also excited to write some poetry about food! This is Claire’s first year in Write On!



Chloe Shakin


Chloe is a sophomore studying English and Gender Studies. It is her first year with Write On!, and she is most excited to get to know the students and make lasting memories with them.