Meet the Students

Meet our Write On stars. These stellar students are the coolest around. Get to know them here!

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My name is Jaelin and I am in the 7th grade. I am 12 years old and I was born on July 16, 2003. My two talents are drawing and making beats. My favorite foods are bacon, pork chops and beef. I love Write On because I love to make stories. Fun fact, me and Adam are very competitive. For example, I have a better skateboard than him.


I’m in the 7th grade. My favorite thing about Write On is that it’s on Penn grounds and the snacks. My favorite moment is when we told out ghost stories and get to eat ghost cookies. I really like to draw.



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I am a seventh grader at Lea School. My favorite subjects are Gym, Music, and Health. I love basketball and dancing. I am silly, but I am smart. I love my friends and family. Write On! helped me get better in my writing. My favorite memory is when I wrote a poem about my Table Team. One day I’ll be gone, but I’ll never be forgotten. Keep up your good work, because it’s going to come in handy. Don’t give up on yourself, because I believe in you and I know you do too. Thank you for visiting Write On!



Myleah is a 7th grade creative writer. Her favorite writing project was her slam poem about Fall. She likes Write On! because she thinks creative writing is fun and likes how she gets to share her writing with her friends. One fun fact about Myleah: she plays the violin!



Rebecca is pursuing a dual major in Sociology and Communications. Her favorite Write On! memory was the session when her students wrote and then performed raps (with dances!!). Becca explains, “Their dancing is bomb. They are naturals.” Becca has been involved with Write On! for three years.



Tyjah is in 7th grade. Tyjah loves Write On! because it’s funny and fun. Also, she loves Write On! because you get to write different things down and rap. Her favorite Write On! moment was the Scary Halloween Story we told out loud.



Her name is Alexis Byrd, and she is in the 7th grade. She is an amazing writer. Her favorite part of Write On was when she had to writer her own scary story for Halloween. Fun Fact: Alexis has a twin!



Hi! My name is Sopharina, but people call me Sophy. I’m a seventh grader at Henry C. Lea School. I like Write On because that’s the best part of a cranky Friday. Write On is very educational, very fun, and you can share a lot of things that you wrote, and face your fears of sharing. Write On is the best that you would ever join. I recommend 6, 7, and 8 to join and have fun with many fun coaches. My favorite part about Write On is having fun and getting to know the coaches.

Fun facts: 1. I like going to Write On and it’s the best program that I join. 2. I have a cat named Fluffy. 3. I like getting along with the coaches.



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Monaé is in the 7th grade. Monaé loves Write On! like it’s just write on. Monaé‘s favorite piece was the plants rap was the plants rap. Monaé can sing, draw, rap, dance, and run track.


Poet, Creative
Hard time staying on one topic
The desk near the window
Learning how to be a better writer



Bio coming soon!